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Calm Lake

Teletherapy: Appointments designed to fit your lifestyle

  • Online video appointments are easy to fit into your schedule and save you time & energy.

  • Video calls can be done on your phone or laptop, meaning you can attend your sessions from almost anywhere. 

  •  Afternoon, evening, and some weekend appointments are available.

Description of Services

Chronic Disease Management & Health-Promoting Lifestyles

These sessions are used to analyze your unique lifestyle factors and characteristics. We focus on targeted skill development, patient education, and problem-solving barriers to success.  

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Your Diagnosis

You have a diagnosis, but now what? You may feel lost and overwhelmed by what the diagnosis means for your life in practical terms. You may also be feeling unexpectedly emotional about it.  We will help you learn more about your diagnosis and establish achievable health goals. This service is best for those with a specific diagnosis or health goal. The specific skills we can work on include:   -Understanding what your diagnosis is and how it impacts your day-to-day functioning -Education about factors that help or worsen your condition and/or symptoms -Creating routines that minimize symptoms  -How to manage your symptoms when they occur  -Medication management -Establishing health goals/prioritize to minimize overwhelm -Creating an action plan to meet your goals

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Creating a Health-Promoting Lifestyle

This can be a complicated process. You are adding new behaviors and tasks into your already busy life. We are here to make this process easier and more successful by providing individualized support and guidance tailored to your unique needs, values, and priorities. This service is for anyone who wants to have a healthier lifestyle.  Lifestyle changes that we can work on:  -Improving self-advocacy and communication skills -Managing stress and increasing self-regulation skills -Increasing social support and connections -Creating satisfying healthy eating habits -Finding enjoyable exercise routines -Improving sleep routines and restorative rest


Maintaining Health During Times of Transition or Stress

It is harder to maintain your health-promoting lifestyle during times of stress or transition. You probably have more on your plate during stressful times while having less energy or time than usual. This is often true for times of transition as well, such as starting a new job, moving to a new city, having children, starting college, starting or ending a relationship, living on your own for the first time, or opening a business. You may be taking on or learning to manage new roles and responsibilities, making it harder to maintain healthy habits and routines. We will work together to adapt your habits and routines for continued success in the present circumstances. This service is suitable for anyone who needs extra support in creating or maintaining a health-promoting lifestyle.

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Involving & Educating Your Loved Ones

You don't need to do this on your own. You need the support of your loved ones. Collaboration and communication with your loved ones are essential for creating routines that are sustainable in the long run. That is why some sessions can include your loved ones, for part of the session or for the entire time. These services are also available for people who have a loved one with a chronic health condition and are looking for more information and support on how to be there for them.

Pain Management

Pain is not only a physiological experience but an emotional one as well. Additionally, being in pain  (especially chronic pain) makes it harder for you to think clearly in order to find solutions to improve pain levels and improve quality of life. These services are created for people experiencing chronic pain or acute pain, such as those recovering from an injury. 

Back Pain

Empowered Relief™  Class (2 hours)

Train your brain away from pain! Aleek is a certified Empowered Relief Instructor. Empowered Relief is a 2-hour program developed by pain psychologists at Stanford University. By the end of the class, you will leave with usable pain management skills. It is an evidence-based, single-session pain class that is only 2 hours long.  Family members are encouraged to join.  Learn more about ER and sign up here:


Lifestyle Changes to Manage Pain

We offer individual or family sessions to address client-specific lifestyle factors contributing to chronic pain. We will adjust your daily routines to reduce pain, increase participation in meaningful activities, and improve your quality of life.  Areas we can work on include:  -Education about factors that help or worsen symptoms -Developing action plans for flare-ups -Energy conservation, activity pacing, and fatigue management -Physical activity: adjusting physical activity routines and establishing sustainable routines -Academic and work accommodations -Environmental modifications to manage pain

Personalized Sensory Diets

Sensory processing issues are common in a variety of diagnoses, including Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. Many people have stand-alone sensory processing issues. We offer several types of sessions to address sensory processing and sensory diets.

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Introduction to Sensory Diets

The purpose of this type of service is to provide an understanding of what sensory processing is, and what your and/or your child’s sensory needs are. We will work together to develop a personalized sensory diet.

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Sensory Diet "Fine-Tuning"

These sessions allow for fine-tuning and improving your sensory diet. Developing a sustainable sensory diet routine often takes time to reflect on what is working or needs adjustment. We will explore different strategies, use feedback for modification, and engage in problem-solving. These sessions can be online, in your home, or in the community.

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Using your Sensory Diet in 

"Real Life" Environments

Sessions in the community (grocery store, church, restaurant, stadium, etc.) are useful to actively problem-solve issues as they arise and develop a toolbox of practical strategies to use in that specific setting. This builds upon the skills and knowledge of the previous sessions.

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Support During Life Transitions

These sessions provide support and guidance in adapting or creating sensory diets, as well as getting accommodations, as people transition out of high school and into college or the workforce. There are many changes to routines and increased responsibilities during these times, while support is often decreased. We will work on developing self-advocacy and self-regulation skills that will help you in different settings and in future transitions.

Support for Neurodivergent Individuals

Neurodivergent individuals process information, communicate or interact with their world in a way that is different than what is usually defined as typical (1,2). You are not less than, "broken" or needing to be fixed. These sessions focus on using your existing strengths, skills, and resources, or developing new ones, to support you in meeting your goals, however big or small. 

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We will help you meet your goals at work, school, and in your personal life. We can work on time management, stress management, breaking tasks into achievable steps, self-regulation skills, meeting sensory needs, etc. These sessions are very collaborative and based on your priorities. By identifying and leaning into your strengths and skills, we will work together to make action plans for meeting your goals and create creative solutions to barriers.

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Autism Spectrum Disorders

We will help you meet your goals at work, school, and in your personal life. We can work on things such as self-regulation, communication skills, stress management, managing your sensory needs, etc. These sessions are very collaborative and based on your priorities. By identifying and leaning into your strengths and skills, we will work together to make action plans for meeting your goals and create creative solutions to barriers.

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Other Conditions & Diagnoses

Feel free to reach out and chat to see if we can help you with your specific condition or diagnosis that is not listed. I am happy to explore this together.


  1. Coronado, N., Sailor, K., & Potvin, M.-C. (2022). Coaching as a facilitator of goal attainment for neurodivergent college students. SIS Quarterly Practice Connections, 7(3).

  2.  Kornblau, B. L., & Robertson, S. M. (2021). Special issue on occupational therapy with neurodivergent people. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 75, 7503170010. 

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